Tutoring for children

Following the corona crisis, the educational gap among boys and girls in the asylum seeker community has worsened.

Even before the crisis there were educational gaps that were mainly due to language difficulties, but the months in which the education system moved to the virtual space made it even more difficult for children in a community where many homes do not have a computer or an adapted learning space.

In 2021, we worked in collaboration with the Parah program in which students from the program educated children in the community academically, socially and emotionally.

This year we will continue to employ volunteers who will individually accompany children in the community in Be’er Sheva and help reduce educational gaps, strengthen social skills and be a significant mature figure for them.

In addition, about four trainees of the Negev Preparatory School who volunteer at the center will volunteer once a week in the morning at the ‘Bari’ school in the city, where a large number of asylum-seeking children attend.

“A lot of people think that mentoring someone actually only contributes to the mentee. Only after entering the experience is the understanding given that there is a mutual contribution here.

During the year I saw A in many difficult and happy moments and in return he gave me the opportunity to approach and help. Beyond our friendships, we also learned about giving to others, about sensitivity, about reciprocity and understanding that there are people who are different from us.

I learned and took from A a lot of things that will stay with me throughout my life and so will he.”

Limor Green, an educator at the center in 2022

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