food market

In recent years, there has been an increasing concern with food insecurity, which is manifested in the limited availability of food, and the inability to regularly obtain a basic and balanced diet. Food insecurity causes damage to the physical and mental health as well as social relationships of those who suffer from it [1]. The corona epidemic worsened the economic situation of families and individuals in the community, due to the distress in the field we turned to the organization “Latat” which delivers dry food packages to dozens of families once a month.

Twice a month we hold a food distribution “market”, where community members come and where they can choose the groceries they need.

In addition, we have created collaborations with a number of local farmers as well as the non-profit ‘Pasya’s Kitchen’ located in Tel Aviv, collaborations that allow us to add fresh vegetables for distribution from time to time.

Only 1% of the asylum applications were discussed and received an answer

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